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amateur photography
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random photography for everyone

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This community is dedicated solely for the purpose of sharing stock photography that can freely be used by anyone. The creator of the community, fonulyn, noticed she was practically drowning in self-taken photos, and wanted to put them into good use. So instead of only using them for graphics herself, she decided she could share with everyone interested.

For now, posting is restricted to chosen members, but if you're interested in the posting access, just please contact the maintainer about it. (She would love to get some help, actually ;D)

All photos are taken by the members of the community, and none of them are borrowed or stolen from other sources in the internet. You may only post pictures you've taken, or pictures you have a clear permission to use.

With any questions and concerns, or to gain posting access, you can contact the community moderators;



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- an icon challenge community

# All pictures posted into the community can be freely used for any kind of purposes.

# Hotlinking is strictly forbidden!

# Please credit the community when using the pictures somewhere.

# When you take something, commenting is very polite.

# If you want to gain posting access to the community, please contact the mods.

# Numbering the sets would be greatly appreciated :)

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want to participate?
If you're interested in posting your own photography, all you need to do is contacting the maintainer. And of course you need to own a camera ;)

You don't need to be an amazing photographer, in fact most of the pictures posted in the community are clearly amateurish. The only requirement is that you are willing to let other people use your photos, that is all. We won't post here just to show off.
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